Some Studio Work from the Shō Artists

With the close of our most successful year yet, the artists at Shō have taken some down time to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. We have also had some time to get to work on some new pieces at the studio.

As a special gift, artist Phil McLeod created a beautiful portrait of Zoe, Shō’s Ruth Germain’s gorgeous daughter. The painting celebrates Zoe’s natural beauty and energetic spirit as she engages on her journey studying abroad in Turkey.

Artist Lorraine Steele finished up an impressive commissioned portrait of Marilyn Monroe this past December. Pictured here with Shō’s Susan Maisonville is a lovely representation of one of Marilyn’s most iconic photos.

Finally, some new sneak peeks have recently been shared by emerging Artist Christy Litster as a part of her series exploring the movement, fluidity, and similarity of fabric, musculature, plant life, and water.  Here are a few out crops from two pieces she is work on simultaneously at Shō and her home studio.

And some sneak peeks at the progress on the grisaille of her new piece:

A sincere Happy New Year to all you art lovers! Enjoy some art for 2014!

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