Work From Home – Art Series

Work From Home:
Featuring Barry T. Brodie

It has definitely has been quite an interesting experience for all of us during this pandemic. If one thing is certain, this time at home has given many of us the opportunity to get creative!

I wanted to take the time to offer up a series of short blogs featuring the work that has been produced by some of us Shō folks while we are at home.
This week I would like to offer up some great work from Barry Brodie.

Barry T. Brodie is a poet, playwright, actor, director and teacher.  He has written two books:  The Language of the Star – Journals of the Magi and Tom Thomson – On the Threshold of Magic.  He is a co-founder of Shō – Art, Spirit & Performance, an arts hub in Windsor, Ontario.  He teaches a course on the creative process at the University of Windsor.

Barry T. Brodie

“I have been finding this time of sequestration and introspection of great value.  For everyone on the globe this is a reset.  For some harsh, others gentle, but a pause, a fermata, to use a musical image, to be sure.  I’m writing which is a tried and true mode of creativity for me, but I am also painting in acrylics, something entirely new.  These are the outer activities while the inner work is re-creating my life and my world.  It is work from home at home, at that center and circumference of Being.”
– Barry T. Brodie

Barry has shared with us three of these paintings that he has been working on at home, as he continues to work through this meditative process of self discovery.

And finally, I am so pleased to share this beautiful poem written by Barry.

After John Muir

I will fuse spirit skies.
I will touch naked God.

I will span ancient hues.
I will wrap silent cries.

I will grasp hold breath.
I will burn holy scents.

I will chant unknown hymns.
I will call mythic birds.

I will push mountain streams.
I will fill mirrored lakes.

I will name countless tides.
I will stride endless shores.

I will spin nightly orbs.
I will toss diamond stars.

I will stoke brother son.
I will fan sister moon.

I will look with my heart.
I will sing from my soul.

I will spin endless poems.
I will keep quiet tears.

I will ache soundless joy.
I will weave glory days.

I will fuse spirit skies.
I will know what I know.

I will touch naked God.
I will be what I am.

~ Barry T. Brodie ~

Thank you so much for sharing this work with us Barry. We look forward to experiencing more of your magic.

Written by: Christy Litster

Christy Litster is a Visionary Artist living in Windsor, Ont., Canada. Her work ranges from mixed media abstracts to psychedelic digital mandalas. Visionary art aims to transcend the physical world and portray a wider version of awareness, often including spiritual or mystical themes.

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