Work From Home – Art Series

Featuring Artist: Nora Harvey

It has been a couple months since I sat down here to write. It has obviously been quite a challenging experience for the collective of humanity. I have had a plethora of thoughts to share, but somehow have struggled to find the words. Oftentimes, I find that when met with difficulties it is easier to express myself verbally. Furthermore, I (like many artists), find that the truest and most authentic form of my expression comes through the creation of art.

If there is anything true about an artist, it is that they have a keen ability to find art inspiration almost anywhere, especially in a challenge.

Nora Harvey, Artist’s Bio

” Nora Harvey, is a fine-artist who works in her home studio in Olde-Walkerville, Windsor, ON. She has had a passion for art, drawing and sketching for as long as she can remember. In her younger years growing up in Europe, she discovered her passion for art and spent countless hours sketching and painting. The need to express herself creatively has remained a strong desire throughout her life. For the past fifteen years, she has engaged in drawing, painting, printmaking, computer rendering and mixed media techniques. She has become known for her abstract, landscape, representative and portrait oil and acrylic paintings on canvas which celebrate her textured and sculpted surface. In order to create a tactile quality she applies layer upon layer of vibrant colours that dynamically emerge and recede within the canvas. One way to describe Nora as an artist is that she always accepting challenges, as well as, seeking to improve her artistic knowledge about technique, composition and new art movement. Nora’s current focuses are commissions she has received, as well as, preparing for her 7th solo art show that will be showcasing a brand new collection that will be featured at the Arts Council Windsor and Region, Windsor, in November 2020.”
– Nora Harvey, Artist

It is no surprise to me that Nora has been quite active in creating a variety of beautiful new pieces. In fact, Nora was one of the very first artists in the city to paint a temporary mural on the doors of local business that had to shut down due to the pandemic. Her beautiful addition to the facade of The Gourmet Emporium inspired feelings of gratitude and hope in all passersby.

A vibrant mural created by Windsor Artist, Nora Harvey , on the doors of Walkerville staple The Gourmet Emporium.

In our correspondences, I asked Nora both to describe her own personal experiences of creating during the pandemic and how it has affected her work. In addition, I asked her to share some of her most recent pieces.

“As the pandemic continues with people social distancing and self-isolating, there eventually comes a need for interaction. The desire emerges to go out for a walk, sit on a patio or chat with neighbours, all the while keeping a bit of distance. As a local artist, working alone in my studio suits my creativity well, as it allows me to turn inwards for inspiration and reflection. I try to turn the anxiety and stress around all of us to a creation of calmness and serenity in my  paintings as my creative response to the pandemic. My hope is my creativity may guide me to paint works of art that would move others, or even on a larger scale humanity, inward towards a state of happiness and peace.”
– Nora Harvey, Artist

Nora is very active in the local arts community and is always willing to participate in new opportunities. Whether it is in live painting art battles or volunteering to paint signs for local charities, Nora is always up for the challenge. She, along with many local artists, created signs for the June 27th Miracle Food Drive (which by the way broke the record for the most amount of food received in a food drive in history!).

Here is Nora’s beautiful sign:

Along with many talented artists in the Windsor-Essex County region, Nora created a large, beautiful sign to raise awareness for the single largest food drive in one day in history!

Nora submitted four beautiful paintings that she completed earlier on in the quarantine. Since we spoke, I have seen her continue to create, all the while sharing her positivity!

An Assortment of Paintings Created by Nora
During the Pandemic

“Marble Tide” • 48″x24″ • Nora Harvey Artist
“Mountain to Valley” • 48″x16″ • Nora Harvey, Artist
“Rain Falling Softly” • 20″x20″ • Nora Harvey, Artist
“Endless” • 20″x20″ • Nora Harvey, Artist

Thanks so much Nora, for sharing your beautiful work with us!

Nora Harvey, Artist

Christy Litster is a Visionary Artist living in Windsor, Ont., Canada. Her work ranges from mixed media abstracts to psychedelic digital mandalas. Visionary art aims to transcend the physical world and portray a wider version of awareness, often including spiritual or mystical themes.

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