Shō Art

Our Mission

Shō is a shared creative hub committed to the interplay of all facets of arts and culture. We develop and support artistic prosperity which elevates our community. 

Our Vision

We are committed to nurturing, presenting and celebrating Windsor’s creative arts community. We recognize how invaluable it is to the economic, spiritual, social, intellectual and general wellbeing of those of us who live and work here. Some would say it is the vital heartbeat of a healthy city. Shō is wholeheartedly engaged in this exciting dialogue through our current work and is looking to a bright future!

The power of “Community First” comes across without question.

About Shō

In 2011, Lorraine Steele and Dr. Barry Brodie joined Sue & Phil McLeod as principals of the newly formed Sho art spirit and performance. Recognizing the importance of a highly functioning arts sector as invaluable to the community’s economic, spiritual, social intellectual and general wellbeing, their goal was to foster the arts through unique programming and promote the creation of new and original works by local artists.

Sho quickly become an artistic hub attracting and connecting creative people, with several wanting to participate more fully in Sho. Word was starting to get out. Creative things were continually happening in Walkerville. An associate level was created. One of our first associates was Katherine Roth. (See pics). Sho continues to grow, taking on new talent and gaining associates. If you would like to become an associate, learn more here.

Local talent came calling to set up shows, workshops and new projects. Fantastic collaborations with many talented artists were undertaken and their audiences loved them. From theatre, to life drawing, to wearable art fashion shows, Sho slowly built its audiences and a reputation for high quality output.

Many diverse projects were taken on in the early years at the Sho associate roster grew. Working with artists both foreign and domestic Sho continues to engage audiences on the highest level possible.

Creativity abounds in our community.

Founders & Current Directors

Photos by Joe Symchyshyn.

Lorraine Steele (Founder/Director)

Phil McLeod (Founder/Director)

Susan McLeod (Founder/Director)

Dr. Barry Brodie (Founder)

Noah Rocha (Director)